About us – What We Do

The Association of Asian Social Science Research Councils (AASSREC) is an organisation of national social science research councils, academies, and institutes committed to the promotion of regional cooperation in the field of social sciences among Asia-Pacific countries.

Set up in 1973 to help promote the social sciences in the region and to create an Asian identity for the social sciences, AASSREC seeks to promote:

  • collaborative research among scholars in the region
  • the exchange of scholarly publications and information among Asian social science institutions and individuals, and
  • exchange visits among researchers and scholars from its member-countries.

Founding member organisations

In 1975, AASSREC held its first conference in Tehran, Iran, where its constitution was adopted by the four founding member organisations:

  • Indian Council of Social Science Research
  • Philippine Social Science Council
  • Korean Social Science Research Council, and
  • National Research Council of Thailand.

AASSREC’s activities include:

  • the conduct of biennial general conferences and the publication of conference papers and proceedings
  • the conduct of collaborative research programs on specific problems of common interest to Asia-Pacific countries, and
  • the assessment of trends in social science research and teaching in the Asia-Pacific region.

Biennial General Conferences

Hosted alternately by member-countries, AASSREC Biennial General Conferences serve as a venue for:

  1. the presentation of country papers, and the discussion of contemporary and relevant issues in the Asia Pacific region
  2. the exchange of information on activities and programs, and
  3. shaping collaborative research undertakings among member institutions.

The conference usually features a chosen topic of regional importance in a main symposium, as well as side panel discussions or special lectures/meetings on other pertinent issues.

International Affiliations and Memberships

AASSREC is an accredited non-government organization maintaining consultative and official relations with UNESCO.

AASSREC is a full member of the International Science Council, an international non-governmental organization with a unique global membership that unites scientific bodies at various levels across the social and natural sciences to advance science as a global public good.