Asia-Pacific Social Science Journal Directory Project

AASSREC has committed to a strategic initiative to develop a directory of reputable, peer-reviewed social science journals in the Asia-Pacific region to be published on its website, and updated periodically as a service to AASSREC members and other social science researchers in the region.

Project Objectives

To produce a free, searchable directory of high quality and innovative peer-reviewed social science journals in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023. The directory will include publications that meet an agreed criteria for independent peer-review, and appropriate processes for editorial review and retraction. It will be updated periodically, subject to demand and resource availability.

The directory aims to:

  • Help researchers find appropriate (high-quality) and innovative journals in which to publish their work;
  • Help researchers avoid predatory publishers;
  • Increase visibility of high-quality Asia-Pacific publication outlets;
  • Identify journals from countries in the Asia-Pacific that scholars don’t often view as reputable but that have peer-review processes which meet international standards;
  • Increase collaboration between academics to help bridge gaps in social science research; and
  • Increase visibility of AASSREC to researchers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Once complete, the directory will be promoted to AASSREC members, and through other global networks (e.g., International Science Council). AASSREC members will also be encouraged to share the resource with their own networks.

Steering Committee

The project is overseen by a Steering Committee of eight individuals drawn from AASSREC’s membership. The Steering Committee is responsible for determining the detailed scope of the project along with the methodology and criteria for inclusion.

Steering Committee Members

  • Professor Vedi Hadiz (ASSA)
  • Professor Virendra Kumar Malhotra (ICSSR)
  • Professor Dr. Firman Noor (BRIN)
  • Assoc. Professor Dr. TRAN Thi Minh Thi (VASS)


  • Professor Doo Yong YANG (KOSSREC)
  • Professor Aya YOSHIDA (SCJ)
  • Professor Filomin Gutierrez (PSSC)
  • Ms Michelle Bruce (AASSREC Secretariat)

Project Scope

To download the full project scope click here.

Contact for Enquiries

If you have any questions or require further information about the Journal Directory Project please contact Michelle Bruce or Zoe Perry in the AASSREC Secretariat via email: or phone: +61 2 6249 1788.