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The Iranian Sociological Association founded in 1991, is active in the areas of science, research as well as consulting.

The association was chosen as an ‘Outstanding Association” by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in several years.

Goals of the Association

  • Production of and advocacy for sociological knowledge
  • Compiling and publishing of rules and regulation regarding social and methodological norms, as well as scientific ethics for activists in the field of sociology
  • Promotion of value and prestige of sociology
  • Improving scientific responsibility and guild identity of agents of sociology
  • Expansion, enhancement and enrichment of relations within scientific communities and the community

Currently, the association has 25 scientific groups consisting of experts in relevant fields of sociology and 35 sub-offices in various provinces add cities of Iran.

1. Iran Sociology Magazine
2. Iran Social Studies Magazine
3. Electronic Association Newsletter
4. Books and articles presented during conferences.

Periodical Conferences
1. National Conference on Theoretical and Conceptual Reflections on Iranian Society.
2. National Conference on Cultural and Social Research on Iranian Society
3. National Conference of Social Problems of Iran
4. International Conference on social Thought and Society in Middle East

International Cooperation
Membership of ISA and AASSREC

Contact details:

Dr. Saeid Moidfar

Dr. Nahal Nafisi
Coordinator of International Relations

Jalal Al-Ahmad Highway
Social Science Faculty of Tehran University

Tel: +98 21 8800 4742