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The Korean Social Science Research Council (KOSSREC or the Council hereinafter), established in 1976, is the non-profit independent federation of fifteen academic associations of the social sciences in Korea and represents Korean social science disciplines in international social science organizations, including the Asian Social Science Research Council, the International Social Science Council, and the International Federation of Social Science Organizations.

Since its inception, the KOSSREC has been publishing the Korean Social Science Journal, an academic journal in English, and the Social Sciences Book Review.

The Council also organizes local and international academic conferences with an emphasis on current yet enduring social issues in multidisciplinary approaches. The topics in recent conferences, for example, include an “indigenization of social science research,” “social equity and justice,” “social change and ethics,” “globalization and the 21st century,” and “social conflicts.”

To facilitate the work of the Council and to bring all relevant news, issues, and announcements to the members of the Korean and international social science community the Council publishes an internet-based newsletter, Social Science Webzine, in both Korean and English.

The KOSSREC strongly encourages the participation of international scholars in all KORSSREC-sponsored conferences, local and international.


Main Activities

Organizing international and national academic conferences, and policy forums; Conducting international cooperation for professional education and multidisciplinary researches with the affiliated Global Academy of Policy and Social Sciences;

Publishing The Korean Social Science Journal (KSSJ), The Social Sciences Book Review, The Social Science Newsletter, andThe Social Science Webzine.

Contact details:

JANG Wonho

SHIN Hyun-Seok

5th floor, 25 Inwangsan-ro 1 Gil (Sajik-dong)
Seoul 03028
Republic of Korea

Tel: +82 2 735 2159