Call for Experts: Policy Development for Sustainable Recovery and Inclusive Development

AASSREC invites members to nominate persons with expertise in addressing socio-economic crises, to participate in a high-level consultation aimed at developing comprehensive strategies to address the ongoing socio-economic challenges in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing a profound socio-economic crisis that necessitates an urgent and effective recovery strategy. This crisis has developed over recent years due to various socio-economic trends. To address this situation, the Social Science Committee of the National Science Foundation (NSF) is organizing a high-level consultation on Wednesday 31 July, 2024 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This event aims to convene social scientists and experts from Sri Lanka and the Asia-Pacific region to develop policy measures that ensure sustainable recovery and foster inclusive post-crisis development.

AASSREC is proud to support this critical initiative by assisting the NSF in identifying eminent experts who can provide valuable insights and solutions to the socio-economic challenges Sri Lanka faces. Furthermore, AASSREC will play a key role in the dissemination of the knowledge generated during the event, ensuring that the findings and recommendations reach a broad audience and have a lasting impact.


  1. Comprehensive Analysis: Conduct an in-depth analysis from a social science perspective to identify the root causes and socio-economic trends contributing to the current crisis.
  2. Dynamic Engagement: Promote engagement among stakeholders through experience sharing, gaining a thorough understanding of the crisis and exploring diverse avenues for sustainable recovery.
  3. Policy Formulation: Collaboratively formulate well-informed policy recommendations aimed at achieving inclusive and sustainable recovery.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Comprehensive Report: A detailed report on the root causes of the crisis along with a set of policy recommendations for inclusive and sustainable recovery.
  2. Strengthened Network: Enhance the network of social scientists, regional associations, and national institutions for future collaboration.
  3. Ongoing Communication: Establish a newsletter to keep network members connected, enabling continuous information sharing and exchange of ideas.

Programme Format
The full-day program will commence with briefing sessions from key stakeholders and subject experts. Following this, participants will engage in group work sessions focused on the following themes:

  • Economic development
  • Social development and social protection
  • Health
  • Education
  • Agriculture and food security

These thematic groups will present their policy proposals during a plenary session to facilitate broader adoption by the participating institutions.

Beneficiaries and Impacts

  • Policymakers and Government Institutions: Involved in planning and development.
  • Researchers, Academics, and Professionals: In the field of social sciences.
  • International and Regional Partners: Engaged in socio-economic development.
  • General Public: Benefiting from informed and effective policy measures.

This consultation will contribute to expanding knowledge regarding the root causes of the crisis, facilitate informed decision-making through wider stakeholder engagement, increase awareness of the role of social sciences in policy development, and enhance collaboration between social scientists, regional associations, and national institutions.

Participation Details
AASSREC members are invited to nominated interested candidates by sending their CV and a proposal justifying their attendance/nomination by Wednesday 10 July to

Attendees are encouraged to support their own travel and accommodation costs however, online participation can also be facilitated.

Join us in shaping the future of Sri Lanka through informed and collaborative efforts.

Contact for enquiries

​For further information please contact Neha Yadav in the AASSREC Secretariat,  email: