ICSSR Launches Call for Studies on Social Science Dimensions of Covid-19

ICSSR has ‘overwhelming’ response to call for studies focusing on social science dimensions of COVID-19.


The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) invited proposals for research programs via a Special Call for Studies Focusing on Social Science Dimensions of COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

The pandemic has several social science and inter-disciplinary & trans-disciplinary dimensions apart from the ones based on medical science and drug discovery. These social science dimensions can improve our understanding of the outbreak and response at global, national and sub-national levels as social science context can throw greater light on dynamics of spread and transmission, public health response, communication and sensitisation about the problem and required health and hygiene practices, social and community response to quarantine, screening and testing, societal understanding of the disease and related risks, social trust, health seeking behaviour, healthcare infrastructure, preparedness and interventions, political preparedness, economic and livelihood implications of such pandemic, global recession, decelerating growth and development, Industrial revival, recovery on external and internal trade fronts, employment implications, issues related to migrant labourers, change in global economic and political order, changes in behaviour and thinking, experiences of people especially the sufferers, environmental concerns and so on.

The research based evidence on social science or inter-disciplinary dimensions could enrich the understanding of policy makers to take a more a more informed decision and respond efficiently to such situations.

Considering this, the Indian Council of Social Science Research launched a “Special call for Studies Focusing on Social Science Dimensions of Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic”. ICSSR intends to support some high quality studies on the mentioned broad theme.

For further information see: https://icssr.org/special-call-covid-19