Global Knowledge Dialogue for Asia and the Pacific rallies ISC Members around planetary health

Participants from 31 countries, including representatives from several AASSREC member organisations, came together in Kuala Lumpur on 6 October for the International Science Council (ISC) Global Knowledge Dialogue for Asia and the Pacific.

Jointly hosted by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia and the ISC Regional Focal Point of Asia and the Pacific, the event saw 150 participants contribute to topics such as mission science for sustainability, interdisciplinary health and living within planetary boundaries, addressing the SDGs through science advice and diplomacy, AI and a breakout session on building the voice of science in the region.

Several side events were held in the margins of the ISC Global Knowledge Dialogue for Asia and the Pacific. The following blogs summarize the key aspects discussed during each of the events.
AI for Science: Insights from the Asia Pacific: a workshop through the ISC Centre for Science Futures.
Addressing the challenges of young scientists in Asia and the Pacific: a Young Academies and Associations Roundtable.

Next steps for the Regional Focal Point of Asia and the Pacific – turning dialogue into action

Amplifying the scientific voice in policy-making and ensuring the role of media in science communication; science diplomacy including the potential establishment of an ISC-INGSA science diplomacy programme; promoting and strengthening representation of scientists from the region in both regional and global multilateral processes; ensuring responsible use of AI for the public good; and building capacity in education, research and fostering connections between ISC Members were seen as top priorities for the region in order to win on the 2030 Agenda and planetary health.

The dialogue ended on a high note, with the newly established Advisory Council for the Regional Focal Point for Asia and the Pacific introduced to delegates, committing to turn their ideas from the day into actions the coming years.

For more information on the meeting visit the ISC website here