NSF Rejuvenates Work on Social Sciences

The National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka, is pleased to announce that the new committee appointed to work on social sciences will commence its activities in November 2023. The committee is equipped with a pool of experts in diverse social science disciplines and would bring these experts together to fulfill its objectives. 

Aligning with its Terms of Reference (ToR), the committee will be able to address the interdisciplinary research with a strong social component within the research that will produce more pragmatic research outputs. Further, the committee will discuss important issues that need social science interventions and recommendations arising from such discussions and will communicate them to the decision-makers.

Capacity building of young scholars will enhance quality of research and related findings. Dissemination of social science perspectives on the current issues will form a well-informed society that will adapt rationally to diverse societal changes. The committee will also liaise with internationally recognized bodies of social science by creating linkages and collaborative endeavors. While fulfilling the aforementioned objectives, the committee is expected to generate a momentum towards a vigorous program of research and other activities in social sciences at the NSF.