Call for Nominations for AASSREC Policy & Strategy Committee

AASSREC is seeking nominations of suitably qualified experts for membership of its newly established Policy and Strategy Committee.  The Committee will provide the AASSREC Executive Council with expert advice and guidance with respect to the development and oversight of strategy and policies for the association. The term of the appointment of Committee members will be three calendar years (2024-2026), commencing 1 January 2024.

Responsibilities of the Policy & Strategy Committee include:

  • Review, develop and implement a governance framework to ensure best practice strategy, policy, planning and decision making.
  • Develop, review, and endorse policies and strategies prior to submission to the Executive Council.
  • Inform AASSREC’s strategic direction, including prioritisation and policy responses.
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of emerging policy and operational issues.
  • Develop AASSREC’s position on regionally significant issues and provide guidance on sub-regional and regional strategy matters.
  • Consider other matters referred to it by the Executive Council

A priority for the Committee in 2024 will be to conduct a Strategic Review of AASSREC to critically assess AASSREC current operations, governance arrangements, policies, and priorities and to provide recommendations to the AASSREC Executive Council for enhancing its effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability.

The capacity to dedicate significant time to the role is an essential criterion. Members of the Committee are expected to dedicate on average four hours per month to the task. This includes attendance at Committee meetings as well as active engagement outside formal meetings in pursuing and implementing agreed actions and responsibilities. The Committee will conduct their work mostly by virtual means and will be supported by the AASSREC Secretariat.

Further information on the Policy & Strategy Committee is detailed in the Committee Terms of Reference.

Nominate your exceptional candidates
AASSREC Members are invited to nominate suitable experts for the committee.  Nominations must include the following:

Nominations should be submitted via email to the AASSREC Secretary-General, Michelle Bruce:

If you have questions in relation to the Policy and Strategy Committee or the AASSREC Strategic Review, please contact Michelle Bruce via email.

Appointment Process
The Committee will be appointed by the AASSREC Executive Council on the basis of nominations by Members. The Committee composition shall seek to balance representation with regard to gender, geography, and social science disciplines.

Closing Date
The closing date for nominations is 30 November 2023